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JagFest 2003

Thriving in the Jungle!

For 2003 Jaguar fans have agreed to hold multiple JagFest events nationwide to allow other fans the opportunity to attend during this historic tenth anniversary of the release of the Jaguar by Atari Corporation.

JagFest 2003 "Thriving in the Jungle" will demonstrate the Jaguar is still alive and kicking with numerous hobby game efforts underway nearly a decade after the Jaguar's first release. Each event will feature demos of lost and upcoming games, as well as one or more tournaments with prizes for some of the best Jaguar games out there.

Choose Your Event:
JagFest Brazil
When: May 17, 2003
Where: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Lead Organizers: Edson Godoy and Marcelo Tavares
JagFest UK
When: June 14 & 15, 2003
Where: Medway Manor Hotel in Rochester Kent
Lead Organizers: Gaztee
JagFest @ MWC
When: June 7, 2003
Where: Milwaukee, WI
Lead Organizers: Dan Iacovelli
JagFest @ VGS
When: July 12, 2003
Where: Lombard, IL
Lead Organizers: Dan Iacovelli
JagFest @ AGE
When: July 26, 2003
Where: Austin, TX
Lead Organizers: Tim Wilson
JagFest @ CGE
When: August 9-10, 2003
Where: Las Vegas, NV
Lead Organizers: Carl Forhan and Scott Walters
Want to help organize one of these JagFest events? Or do you want to start one up in your hometown? If so, send a blank email to to get in on the fun.
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