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July 12 and 13 2002
Location: St. Louis, MO
Hosts: James Garvin, Greg George, Dan Iacovelli, Tim Wilson and JT August

AVC/JCU's JagFest 2K2 Report

By Dan Iacovelli

Well, The Sixth annual Atari Jaguar Festival (Jagfest 2k2 :Atari and beyond) is now in the history books here is my short report based on what happened:

July 11th,2002 (pre-fest day):

I was hoping to receive Dan Loosen's package before this date but it came on this date (I will be bringing it to with me so Al of Atari Age could sell it off) most of my stuff was all done before hand and I was just waiting for time to pass by. this was all before a quarter to 8am, I was also chatting with Tim Wilson on icq right before he took off with James Garvin on his 14 hour trip to the fest. around 7:30am I went to catch the Metra rail at the station by me that will take me to Union Station Chicago where I would take the Amtrak to St.Louis, MO. Fast forward to a little after 3pm in Amtrak station St. Louis, MO: I got off the train called JT August to pick me up (luckily he was there at station when I got there so I didn't have long wait) he gave me a quick tour from the train station to the Mayfair hotel telling me about the various places and history. I asked about the video game hall of fame I heard about it a while back, he told me the whole story how they went belly up. when we finally came to the hotel, I looked in to the main room where the fest was taking place and met up with Greg George and his wife Marianne. I checked in first before I started to get to work at setting up the fest area and museum. We thought we wouldn't have enough TV's but JT took care of that problem, when we finally decided to take a breather from all the setting up we went to our respective rooms (I was on the 4th floor, Greg was on 11th) around 8pm Greg gave me call asking about dinner and we decided to leave a note for JT (or James and Tim who didn't show yet) saying that we left to eat at the old spaghetti factory (we had to walk a couple blocks to grab the metro link train). Jt came right around after we ordered (I had the Spaghetti dinner the others had something different) after dinner we went back to do some more setting up because JT had brought more stuff with him. Around 11pm James Garvin and Tim Wilson finally showed up and we did more setting up with the museum and fest area ( we did have some debate about the gaming area but we figured that we would leave as it is and have a second game room up stairs in the conference room where the seminars was taking place.)

Around early morning the next day ( I think it was around 3 or 2am) we decided to call it a night (uh day).

July 12th,2002 (Fest day part one):

I got up around 7am cleaned up watched some TV and headed down around 8am.

I saw that Greg was setting up more stuff Jt was said to be late getting more stuff. Around 9am Slackers and Trade N Games showed up to starting setting up some stuff. About 10am the guys from Japan who showed up at years came in and we open up the museum which I ended up for most of the day until Jt and his brother in-law came in around 11am.(which was a bummer for me since I know I would be losing possible sales since I had no one to watch my stuff) I saw that channel 11wb had set up an interview with Greg and do a quick report on the fest. We also had a chance to show a home brew game of Fellow ship of the Rings that Adam Thornton had done( I also saw the game Mr. Roboto hack of Berzerk was being showed at Trade n Games booth) and I saw a floor based controller for the PS called Dance Dance it was pretty cool.

I missed the first seminar by James since I had to watch the museum around that time. We did pretty good turn out for the first day I would say.

July 13th,2002(Fest day part duex):

It pretty much started up as the first day. This time we decided to wait until 11am to open up the museum since we figured JT was going be late again. I have decided to get my jag set up so people can play Battlesphere and enter the tourney (which sadly didn't go well) I had a chance to show a 2600 super charger in action again (the first day we used to load up FOTR game) I loaded up Phasor Patrol and the original frogger by Sega (which JT had fun playing ) later on some other tourneys got started like brutal sports football, Soul Calibur and the SNK melody that took most of the day. later on I met up with none other Greg Goodwin (aka Dr.Chu), who also won the pong system in the pong tourney. We also got a bit of Bs net working after a few tries and getting a RS2332 cable from Radio Shack. We wanted to try doom but when I moved my jag so it won't be wobbly (it was leaning on two tables which I didn't care for) it some how knocked the cat box out of whack so we decided to drop that idea. I did get a chance to sit in on the tail end of the second seminar by James which was good. I did plan on doing a seminar for AVC/JCU but like I said the SNK thing took up most of the time so I decided not to do it. Turn out for day two was pretty good also (I ended up giving the color issue of the fest issue to Greg Goodwin, btw I did sell one copy of the fest issue and sold a membership to Tracey Herbert).

July 13th,2002(Fest day part duex after hours): Around 6pm we decided to close up shop, we started talking about the next years plans if we were going to do it again, later on most of decided to hang out a bit longer, originally we were going to go out to eat, then we decided to order pizza from Papa Johns and have an Atari all-nighter. I played Space Wars 2k for the first time and got blasted by Dr.Chu, I also played Super Burn-Out and lost. Around 1am I decided to head to room and get my stuff ready to go back home.

July 14th,2002(The Day After):

I woke up at 7am decided to watch some TV for while then I took a walk out side to stretch
my legs. I then returned to my room watched some more TV after I went to the snack machine and got something to eat around 11am Greg called me up asking if I had his World of Atari Tape, I checked and I didn't have it. ( he did find it after all) at 11:30am I decided to check out so I could catch the Metro link that will take me to the Amtrak station. I got there about 2 hours before the train got there. I arrived back home to Chicago Union Station around 8:25pm(just missed the Metra rail to station back to my home by 5 minutes so I waited for the last train back which was due to leave at 10:30pm and I got home around 11:45pm. Over all I had fun at this show.

Highlights: seeing James Garvin's Dark Guardian and Native works in progress, watching most of tourneys taking place, playing Asteroids and Slam Racer on Jugs, finally seeing a TI-99/4A home computer in a museum (gray model that is, I have the sliver model at home), getting to play the Pac-man fever CD on the Jaguar CD, watching videos from past events (WOA, E^3,fest'99 plus the Jaguar demo tape), seeing Phase Zero being played (Greg sold both copies of the demo carts to the Japan guys), and being able to show Fellow ship of the Rings for the first time as well being able to show the supercharger for the 2600 at work.

Below are some pictures I took at the show (sorry if some of them are not clear first time I used the camera):



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