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June 30, 2001
Location: Milwaukee, WI
Hosts: Dan Loosen, Gary Heil,

Fest 2K1

By Ted Rusniak

I must say it was great to finally put some faces w/ names on this board like Micah, Kevin Mosley, Clint, Dan@AVC, Dan L, Gary, Max, Chad (Beefman), Randy, Carl, Terrance, and a few others which names i'm drawing a blank on right now.

The Goatstore guys did a great job w/ everything and it was better than I thought it was going to be. Randy also made some real cool ID badges. As for the tourney's they were too cool even though I got my butt kicked in most of them I was able to win a few. The classic gaming corner they had was real neat and the tourney they had for the colecovision Rammit was pretty cool too bad I lost.......

Songbird was out in force w/ plenty of games to be bought and played. The proto's like Total Carnage, BHH CD, Thea Realm Fighter's and Protector SE were all very playable and great games to bad most of them will not see the light of day. Protector SE was a suprise as I figured it would be the original one w/ not much new added but boy was I wrong this game is going to be a must buy, I actually was lucky enough to squeek out a victory in the Protector SE tourney...:)

ET Hunter had a pretty neat table as well he had a huge binder w/ alot of Jaguar articles etc which was awesome to go through, he also had BHH Cart which I was glued to for awhile.

Dan (AVC) had a nice set-up as well he had the custom made overlay's and alot of good reading on the Jagur and Atari.

Onto the Goatstore guy's they had a great selection of games for many systems as well as the AVP beta which was neat to see he also had a test cart board. I picked up a Jagfest 2K1 shirt from them, too cool! A big thanks to these guy's for making this Fest possible and the prize selection was great,they had an aray of thing's signed by Jeff Minter, which I won a signed T2K soundtrack. They also has the flossie edition of T3K that was in one word: weird!~
They had games from telegames and other cool stuff.

Clint had the VR working at his table and I put my VR on his table as well (Thanks Clint) and it was neat to play the VR w/ the tracking working and we figured out why mine was not tracking and I have solved the problem.(YEAH)

In all I had a great time meeting everyone and talking about the Jaguar and various other systems. The end of the night Battlesphere network was awesome and like Micah said a newbie to BS won when it counted! lol good for him. Hopefully i'll be lucky enough to attend next year.

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