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June 30, 2001
Location: Milwaukee, WI
Hosts: Dan Loosen, Gary Heil,

We Just Got Home

By Randy & Nancy Femrite

The only bad luck Nancy and I had during our Jagfest trip was our plane(s) cancelling our home flight out of Detroit do to bad weather in Dulles (Virginia), but even that didn't bother my "Buzz" from the Fest!
I can't add much more than what the others have stated; it's all true! I'm telling you, I've seen Pics of the Jag VR and talked/heard about networked Battlesphere, but until I actually experienced it did I get the true feeling of what this Jaguar enthusiasm is all about.
A big congratulations to Gary, Dan and his family. The setup was terrific, more than enough room, plus food and bathrooms close by. My wife enjoyed herself also even though she isn't a gamer. When I asked her what she liked about it she replied "the people". 'Nuff said!
If you own a Jaguar and are reading this post you owe it to yourself to attend a Jagfest, ESPECIALLY if it's anything like Jagfest 2001 was. I started planning to attend next years Fest on the plane ride out of Milwaukee, and you should plan now too. And after what some of the guys went through to get there I don't think distance should be a reason not to attend.
I have to agree the best part of the Fest was meeting all the gamers, especially all of you from JI2. I see the 10th Battlesphere link finally agreed (way to go Kevin:), did the JI2 Pic get done after I left? Just who were those chaps from Japan? I asked them but they didn't speak a word of English, they did have some cool "Japan Jaguar" periodicals/magazines that I got a few Pics of. More later when I get my brain back... -RF

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