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June 30, 2001
Location: Milwaukee, WI
Hosts: Dan Loosen, Gary Heil,

Jagfest2k1 :)

By Clint Thompson

Arghhh, I'm tired ;)

Jagfest was great... *yes, three words! :) *

My friend and I however have came to the conclusion that our trip was nothing other than Satans work (other then being at the fest, he pretty much stayed out of our way, lol)

We left pretty early, 10:30 I think so we could head back to indy... well around 2:00 am when we're actually back close to indy we hit this massive accident (someone's van had taking a tumble down the ditch at 75mph+) and we had to sit there for 4 hours (why I dunno, it was only 1 van) and that made it painfully worse for the fact that we were so tired...

That and that every motel.hotel.inn and whatnot either A: No, we have no vacancy! (um, yeah right) B: Your not 21 are you? (so what?) C: $130 WTF? Riiight... or D: We have no vacancy... argh! (this is in WI btw, on Friday)

Tony and myself spent abour 4 hours going inn to inn, hotel to hotel trying to get a place, until finally, 50+ miles later, someone had an openeing :) ahhh, expensive but it was a very nice room!

anyway, enough of the bad stuff..

Everything went pretty smooth once we got to Jagfest...

Very exciting indeed meeting everyone that posts (and doesn't quite post) to this board :)
And I didn't do so well on any of the tournys other then I actually won ponx to play another then I crashed out , heh.

Tony, Ted and I shared a table, with the 2 VR units and OMC Games Demo Dark Gardian (I know James was slaving away at this one till the last minute) :), which switched on and off between that and the Virtual VCS Ted brought with him.

Luckily enough I had gotten most the stuff there on video (well, a few cool announcements including Carls JagCD Bypass on Protector SE) Very exciting news for )EVERYONE!(

Seeing the AvP on Lynx was pretty cool... interesting.

Just finally a pleasure to meet everyone at the fest and talk/play Atari for hours on end! I'm sure I'm forgetting other great things but I'm still tired, lol.

The little passes that we got we're pretty awesome, that one goes out to Randy :)

I'll have something posted up on AtariVision link on JI2 sometime soon. :)

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