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June 30, 2001
Location: Milwaukee, WI
Hosts: Dan Loosen, Gary Heil,

JagFest 2K1 Pics!

By Chad "Beefman" Tindle


Jagfest Entrance

NUON spotting!

Patrick and Terrance(The Graphic Man) playing some PCFX

Jason Mosley's Booth which featured an AVP lynx proto, Phase Zero poto, and Brett Hull proto

Prototype JagVR gear

Protector SE

VR helmet owner(red one)

Lynx tournament

Fard AKA The UA playing some IS3 on my NUON

Songbird Productions Rapid Fire Jag Controller (Which I should have bought)

Reproduction Jaguar overlays

Jaguar 10 commandments T-Shirt

Terrance Williams AKA The Graphic Man holding up a copy of his soon to be released Gorf Plus

Ponx Tournament

Raiden Tournament

Carl Forhan demoing the CD bypass with Brett Hull Hockey

Patrick in the foreground talking to Terrance’s GF and Terrance and Fard in the background practicing for the T2K tournament.

More PCFX action

Fard racking up the points in the T2K tournament

Visitors from Japan!

Japanese visitor hopped up on some IS3

Japanese visitors have brought numerous pieces of Japanese advertisements and fanzines as well as as some Lynx manuals they translated into Japanese.

The much coveted T3K Flossie Edition

If you don’t know you shouldn’t be here

Atari 7800

Atari 2600

Dan handing out awards

More award announcing

I think this is Gary? As you can tell he is a dedicated Kasumi Ninja fan, stand back he knows all the moves!

Somebody won a very nice 2600 controller

Me(BeefMan) with my new Japanese friends, Konichiwa my friends!

Winners of the farthest journey by over 10,000 miles or something, tight prize

10 people commencing in a holy Battlesphere ritual to please the GODS of 4PLAY to allow them to network 10 consoles

30 mins into the ritual and the sacrificial PSX system may have to be considered to appease the GODS

And it was written and this was good

Posters to the JI2 forum who attended the event

My signed copy of T2K, TIGHT!


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