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June 24, 2000
Location: Austin, TX
Hosts: Tim Wilson & James Garvin of OMC Games

JagFest 2000 Photos

By Scott Walters

Eric Walters and Jeff Nihlean at the Doom deathmatch/co-op table.
JagTetris on the shareware cart.
Jeff and his table, alpine board in background.
BattleSphere on the left, Zero5 on the right, Catboxes used for the digital rgb monitors, not for networking.
Joel playing BS, Eric practicing for the Ultra Vortek tourney. Jeff wondering how the hell the kid can play like that.
Tim Wilson playing one of Songbirds releases.
Two player raiden was playing at this station most of the morning. That is Tim's wife and Justin.
Joe trying Total Carnage.
Phase Zero, Now available for everyone with a flash cart or alpine. (Thanks Mark)
Total Carnage
Joel was trying every game he could get his hands on. He was excited to take home a copy of Cybermorph. (Beginners!)
Hyper Force was being played for several straight hours.
Nice store display for a joypad. It looks like all the coupons are still there. A very nice collectable.
Joel continuing his play every game quest, and Jeff playing Skyhammer for the first time.
All four Songbird releases. Keep 'em coming Carl.
Justin waiting to get a linked lynx game going. (Warbirds)
StormWorks display.
3 drunk college kids who where as lost as they were mentally gone. Tim was the perfect host and showed them around.
The die-hards 'til the end.


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