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June 24, 2000
Location: Austin, TX
Hosts: Tim Wilson & James Garvin of OMC Games

JagFest 2K News

An archive of news bits during the organization of JagFest 2000


JagFest 2000 is history, but you can check out all the pictures and reports on the main JF2K page. Thanks for carrying on the tradition Tim!


This is the final JagFest 2K update before the fest! I must apologize for not having sent this in earlier, but this has been due to circumstances (for the most part) beyond my control. Unfortunately, we were unable to secure any kind of deal with a hotel for discounts on hotel rooms, due to not being able to provide them with a definite head count of interested parties. We simply couldn't promise enough people for any of the hotels we contacted to be interested. Also, there won't be any JF2K mugs due to the lack of interest. However, the Fest is still on, and we're still looking forward to a good turnout! OMC Games will be there with a preview of their upcoming game, and we are still planning on holding tournaments. Also, BE SURE TO BRING YOUR LYNX IF YOU HAVE ONE!!! Also be sure to bring Battlesphere if any of you are interested in holding a Battlesphere tournament (and I'm sure most of you will!). Door and tournament prizes will be up for grabs, too! We're looking forward to seeing you all there!

Tim Wilson
JF2K Coordinator


We are now accepting payment for advance tickets for JF2K! The ticket price is $7 in advance ($10 at the door). As an added bonus for registering early, all advance ticket holders will receive a FREE JagFest 2000 mug! The mug will be white, with the JF2K logo. Speaking of which.....we are having a contest for the official JF2K logo, which will appear on the mug! Send your entries to by May 15th! Also, the deadline for early registration for JF2K is May 1st, so be sure to send in your payment by then in order to get the JF2K mug!

Tim Wilson
JF2K Coordinator

Payments should be sent to:

OMC Games
Attn: JF2K
PO Box 8107
Austin, TX 78713

Make checks payable to James Garvin or OMC Games.

(First Update)

The JagFest 2K organizers are preparing to start sending out tickets to those who send in money for advance tickets. A prize will be offered for those who send in tickets before May 1, but the prize itself is yet to be decided. You'll be able to order your advance tickets soon, once the address to send payment to is decided.

We haven't been able to work out a deal with any specific hotel for discounts for attendees, but for now you can find a list of nearby hotels at the following link: Austin CitySearch Results

The search for an offical hotel (one with discounted rates for JagFesters) has been found and decided upon, it will be posted here.

Look for an official press release from the JF2K organizers in the near future!

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