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June 18th, 1999
Location: Rochester, MN
Host: Carl Forhan

JagFest '99 Thoughts

Jagfest is a success!!!

Posted by ETHunter on June 18, 1999 at 22:34:17:

I just got back home from Jagfest and all I have to say is it ROCKED! First of all I got to meet many people and was happy to get to know Dan Loosen, Kevin Manne, Clay, of course Carl and many others.

About 35-40 people attended and we all began to play various games. Not too long after, Carl brought out Protector, and I have to say it is a great game and prefer it over Defender 2000. Eventually we all got to see the prized Battlesphere and had a blast with it networked. Everything about the game is fantastic! Also we got to play the recently announced Skyhammer and that too was just great! So, side by side by side, there were three of the best Jaguar games out there. None of them disappointed.

The tournaments went great with Clay showing us all that he may be the greatest Zero-5 player alive. And Kevin got to show just how talented he is at Protector (hmmm, I wonder why?) Doom deathmatch was played all day till Battlesphere took over the table.

There is so much more that happened I couldn't possibly write everything. Everyone was great there. Another BIG thanks to Carl for putting this thing together and all those Atari fans that traveled long distances to celebrate Atari!


Back from JagFest '99

Posted by Scott Walters on June 18, 1999 at 22:25:34:

After eleven straight hours of Jaguar gaming, Jagfest was still going strong when I left at 9pm. Carl brought out a copy of Skyhammer for everyone to see and play. The game is very well done and the framerate never gets in the way. Someone mentioned that a few fonts and background screens might have been borrowed from AvP, but I think that just gave it more of a Rebellion feel.

The Battlesphere network (only 2) was played continuously. Mostly the free-for-all. Only after 4 or 5 hours did people stop the network and start exploring other modes.

Deathmatch and Co-Op Doom was playing most of the day.

We got to see a Howard Lynx development system in action. It is controled by an Amiga 2000 through the parallel port. Thanks Dan for bringing that to the Fest.

Finally, thanks to Carl for a wonderful fest. Your hard work in the fest and the future jag games was very much appreciated by all. (Now get back to publishing those games!)

Until next year...


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