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August 1997
Location: Chicago, IL
Host: Jeff Grimshaw

JagFest '97 Pictures

Stephanie Wukovitz assists in setting up the BattleSphere Network.
Wes Powell trys his hand at AirCars while the rest of the network gets ready to go.
Stephanie Wukovitz shows first-time BattleSphere players how it's done.
VD3D makes a presentation and answers questions about games they never end up making (such as a promised Club Drive sequel).
ICD's table of goods for sale, including AirCars, an RGB monitor, and various other Jaguar hardware and software items.
The sign outside of the room where JagFest '97 was held.
Wes Powell at the end of the day.
Kevin Manne at the end of the day.
Wes Powell and Jeff Grimsaw in heavy concentration during the heated classic Pong competition.
Networked BattleSphere!
Looking down the row of Jags hooked up in glorious RGB.
Though it's hard to make out, the hotel ran an ad for JagFest on it's informational TV channel.


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