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August 1997
Location: Chicago, IL
Host: Jeff Grimshaw

JagFest History

"The Most Important Event In Jaguar History"
-by Chad Ridgeway

Basic's first. Now this is how I see it-

With T-games starting deciding to launch 4 new Jaguar games (Towers 2, Breakout 2000, Worms, and Zero 5) and Wes Powell posting a message about it on Jag INT, the old Jaguar spirit started to rekindle. Most thought it was rumors, but fortunately, it was all true and official, and avid Jag fans went wild.

After April '96, when Fight for Life had been released as the last Jag game, there had been SOOOOO many Jag plans to get it back on it's feet. From sending sincere mail to companies to actually BUYING Atari, but without anyone to back us up, it all went down.

Now to the bright and glorious future, where T-games came in, and one bright, very enthusiastic soul (or should I say SOULS) brought a semi-insane, yet prominent idea. A huge Jag party where we could all hook up Battlesphere and play the all the Jag games in one huge bunch. Thus, a single spark starting out as-

FIRST ANNUAL JAG TEETH 1997! Which then went to-

FIRST ANNUAL JAG BASH 1997! Hey, but JAG and BASH in the same sentence didn't sound so hot. So it eventually evolved into-

FIRST ANNUAL JAG FEST 1997! And that name stuck. Awesome.

Back to the person(s) who started it. BNV, as they call themselves. There were problems with rude people with insults and other stuff, and BNV sort of passed the responsibility to Chad. Chad started this Jag Fest page, and tried to take the responsibility of the entire idea, but soon 3 other brave characters joined and took it over. Hyperturtle, Kevin Manne, and Wes Powell. We gotta thank Hyperturtle for hooking up the places, spending the money, and making the arrangments that made the Jag Fest possible. Kevin for looking up city information and working closely with Hyperturtle, and Wes, for making some of the finest art the Fest may ever see.

Now we got a member of 4-Play coming, stickers, places and times set, and all KINDS of hype. It's all good.

Well, there are also so many many, many enthusiastic people who helped out, and too many names to mention, but we thank you ALL so very much, and hope this spectacular event turns out great. If you see anything we've missed or got wrong, please e-mail any of us. Thanks again.

Jag Fest '97, definetly

"The Most Important Event In Jag History".

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